Bad breath, or halitosis, has several causes including serious illness and dental hygiene. Your ability to manage the occurrence and severity of your bad breath will depend on several things including the cause and, to a lesser extent, your genes.
It is said that there are two (2) types of products that go directly on the skin affected with KP and will often improve keratosis pilaris. You will however need to use them daily for as long as several weeks before you may see a change. Is there an alternative?

Living with Keratosis Pilaris

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Visionix VX 120 -At G T Harvey & Partners Opticians Newcastle We now use the Visionix VX120 to check-up the shape and uniformity of the cornea and the anterior structures of the eye. This allows us to detect corneal disease and to determine whether a patient is at risk of developing Acute Glaucoma due to the physiological, anatomical structure of the eye. It also enables us to assess the presence of Cataracts in more detail.
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